What's Your Online Business Diagnosis?

You've built a successful, online business. That's great!

Now, what do you do when you want to go from hustler to CEO?

Most of the time, you don't need a expensive redesign and relaunch of your website. Instead, we diagnose the bottlenecks and look for game-changing wins.

When your online business already works, going from break-even to very profitable, almost always comes down to a few finishing touches:

Performance Optimization

You've heard the rumors: People hate slow websites.

70% of customers say that page speed impacts their purchasing decisions. How many times have you bailed on a purchase because a site was taking too long to load, or didn't work properly on your mobile device? That's exactly how your customers feel.

Diagnosis: Too much time before the first user interaction. Large, unoptimized images. Excessive Javascript. Slow server. Etc..,

Remedy: Page Clinic specializes in making websites lightning fast.

Conversion Optimization

You're getting a lot of traffic to your website but no one's buying. Why?

Most people think that more traffic equals more sales. But if you're paying for traffic (through Google Ads, Facebook, etc), the opposite can be true. You end up spending more money than you make.

This is because most online business owners do not realize the power of marketing funnels.

Imagine you have ads for red shoes. How much better would you do, instead of sending people to your homepage, if you sent them to a highly optimized page (with an enticing, limited time offer) for those exact shoes?

Diagnosis: Poor or no sales funnel. Poor SEO. Poor site structure. No offers. Accessibility issues. Security and trust issues. Etc..,

Remedy: Page Clinic has 15 years of online marketing experience to fix the most common pitfalls to sales that online businesses face.

Online Branding

What does your domain name say about you? A whole lot, actually.

Too many online business owners don't realize that their domain name is their brand. Sure, you can start your online business on a hand-registered $10 name. But when you want to play in the big leagues, you'll need to acquire a premium domain name.

Diagnosis: Domain name is too hard to remember, too long, has dashes, doesn't pass the radio test, uses a non-.com extension, etc.

Remedy: Page Clinic will help you acquire the best, possible version of your brand name.

Shopify and Laravel Experts

We specialize in two great platforms that many successful online businesses use. Laravel for building custom web applications from the ground up. And Shopify for easy-to-setup e-commerce sites.

At this time, we do not provide development services for Wordpress-based websites.

About Page Clinic

It's rare to find web developers that love online marketing. We have a unique talent stack for helping online business reach their ultimate potential.

If your business is humming along, great! But if you want it to grow and perform at its best, then you have to ensure its optimized fully, from the technical and the marketing sides.

We take a top-to-bottom approach and look at everything from the important stuff like user experience, page speed, usability, and code quality, to the fun stuff like design, copywriting, content quality, and product optimization.